Do Moving Companies Charge by Size or Weight?

When it comes to long-distance moves, the cost of relocating your belongings can vary greatly depending on the size and weight of your items. Most moving companies will charge based on the weight of your goods, the distance traveled, and any additional fees that may occur. For some companies, a move may be local, while for others it may be long-distance. Therefore, how much moving companies charge by the pound will be relative.

To get an accurate estimate of your moving costs, you should get some moving calculations based on the weight and size of your household items. There are two types of moving companies: one will determine the cost based on the weight of your shipment (more accurate) and the others will use the volume of your household items to determine the cost of moving (not so accurate). Most legitimate long-distance carriers charge based on the weight of the shipment. Some moving companies charge based on the volume of your cargo measured in cubic feet, but it's much easier for a moving company to overcharge you this way.

When you request a moving quote online, you usually have to complete an inventory checklist. This gives the moving company a rough idea of how much your things will weigh and will generate a rough estimate to help you budget and make a decision. Most moving companies do not charge exclusively by weight or volume, unless there are freight shipments involved in the move, in which case both weight and volume come into play in determining the cost of the move. Carriers who charge by weight go to a weight station before they arrive at your house, and then return once the furniture has been loaded. This means that they can only give you moving estimates and then present you with the final bill after the truck has been weighed. When it comes to long-distance moves, it is important to understand how moving companies calculate their rates so that you can make an informed decision about which company to use.

Knowing whether they charge by weight or volume can help you avoid being overcharged for your move.

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