How do i calculate how many pounds i need to move?

If for some reason you can't make an estimate at home, our online mobile weight calculator can help you. Calculate the weight of the items you plan to move. This tool will calculate the weight of your shipment. Please note that the tool is not 100% accurate, it will calculate the approximate value of your products.

Since the cost of cross-country moving will be determined by the total weight of household items, that weight should remain only an estimated value. Instead, you should know exactly how much your stuff weighs to be sure that the moving company you've selected isn't trying to scam you. At Apple Moving, and any other reputable moving company, a calculation of the estimated weight of the contents of your home is needed to provide an accurate estimate of the cost of moving. By using this DIY movement calculator, you can calculate an estimate of how much benefit you could get if you organized your assigned military movement yourself.

When it comes to calculating relocation costs, you'll need to consider both the costs of moving and the cost of living after the move.

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