How accurate are moving quotes?

A home move quote is the most accurate, as moving companies can see firsthand how much you have, what kind of belongings you have, and any obstacles, such as stairs, that can increase the budget. Also, make sure that the mobile quote is given to you in writing, as verbal citations are not reliable. For non-binding estimates, the total price you pay is based on the final weight of your move. Huh? A lot of people get confused by this.

How does the moving company weigh a 3-bedroom house with furniture crammed into a truck? Moving quotes give you an accurate idea of how much it will cost you to move. You will usually receive one after you provide certain information, such as what items you are moving, if you need to pack them, and where your belongings are going. In-home estimates are the most accurate moving estimates that homeowners can receive because movers are evaluating the home and all the items that will be moving. If you receive a non-binding quote, moving companies may charge up to 10% of the total price of their moving services on the day of the move, depending on weight, labor, and other factors.

Your carriers will cover furniture and other valuables with foam and bubble wrap while you move out, but the acronym “PAD” actually stands for “Preferred Arrival Date”. If the cost of a professional move leaves you a little surprised, there are ways you can help reduce it. Whether you choose an in-person, phone, or video chat budget, make sure you feel that your move is fully reflected in your moving estimate. During my last cross-country move, I forgot to tell the movers about two large pieces of furniture that would be in the truck and paid the price literally.

A good rule of thumb is to schedule your estimate at least four weeks before your preferred moving date. Estimates over the phone tend to be much less accurate and detailed, which can lead to problems on the day of the move. Sometimes you may be charged an additional fee for an expedited move, so be sure to let the moving company know well in advance. Getting a moving quote is usually the first step in hiring a move, and comparing multiple quotes can help you find a good deal.

Many moving companies anticipate questions and will answer them as they explain what your quote covers, but it's always good to have a handy list of questions ready to start. This type of quote is calculated by the time it takes to get from the pickup location to the destination, plus the time it takes to get from the pickup location to the base and vice versa, once the move is complete. Based solely on customer inventory, this quote is not based on hours and the customer is responsible for ensuring that all items to be moved are included in the list or that the fixed cost will be adjusted throughout the moving process.

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