What is proper etiquette for tipping movers?

As gratuities are not required during the moving process, you decide on the correct amount. You can choose to give a fixed tip to your moving agents or give them a percentage of the total cost of the move. Moving companies almost always allow tipping and is generally considered to be a proper label. Check the policy of your moving company in your contract, on the website or with the booking agent.

Or quietly ask the foreman on moving day to see if they have specific guidelines, says Sharon Schweitzer, international etiquette expert and founder of Protocol %26 Etiquette Worldwide. The general rule of thumb is to base the tip on a percentage of the total cost of moving, with 15-20% being the industry average. Trainor recommends tipping each moving company individually at the end of each day to avoid the possibility of a dishonest moving company. Keep in mind that moving companies are in the service industry, so your base salary is usually reduced in anticipation of tips.

So if your customers don't tip them properly, they may end up paying for you to eat in their section. You can also skip tips if the tip was included in your moving cost, a practice adopted by some moving companies for long-distance moving. It is recommended to tip those who move because they do a ton of manual labor; whether it's carefully and methodically packing items and belongings, moving heavy objects, driving from one destination to another, or everything else that happens during the day of the move. If your movers were unprofessional, late, careless, inefficient, or lost family heirlooms, it's only fair to adjust your tip based on these factors to reflect their level of service.

However, if your movers damage your furniture, are careless, and are late, it may be appropriate to skip tips. If you are satisfied with the service you received, let each worker know by giving them a tip, smile and say, “Thank you. So if calculating an appropriate tip amount for your moving team has been stressing you out, you've come to the right place. It is not recommended to use a standard percentage of the cost when tipping carriers, as the total cost of moving includes both those moving and the distance the van travels.

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