How many moving quotes should i get?

You'll kick yourself down the road if you realize you went with the most expensive move in town simply because you didn't do your homework. We recommend that you get quotes from at least three moving companies in your area. Three quotes are enough to give a little context to the prices you're seeing and help you spot potential red flags, such as a price that is drastically higher or lower than what the competition is offering. However, gathering more quotes can provide you with even more information.

For local movers, companies don't usually give you a dime for gas consumption, but moving companies in congested cities or metropolitan areas may sing a different tune. In most cases, anything within 50 miles or less of your original location qualifies as a local move. Companies often offer quotes on hourly rates or fixed rates for local moves of less than three hours. When it comes to hiring moving companies, the more knowledge you have about the overall process and candidates of your moving company, the better your experience will be.

Relocation professionals strongly recommend that you request quotes from at least three moving companies before deciding who you will hire to move your worldly possessions. While not the most ideal option, a binding estimate has its advantages. On the one hand, if you're worried about a moving company overcharging you at the last minute, you won't have to worry (unless, of course, they overcharge you at the beginning). To make sure you're getting a fair binding estimate, I recommend that you get quotes from several moving companies to compare them.

Another advantage of choosing a binding budget is that if your belongings exceed the estimated weight, you won't have to worry about paying the high price. This tranquility certainly attracts many who are moving. It's quick and easy (and very, very useful) to get a moving quote online, but that's only the first step to hiring a good moving company for your move: Estimates given online or over the phone can never be accurate, since moving companies need to see how many and what kind of items you have to move in, Evaluate any potential obstacles in your home and destination location, and discuss your specific moving requirements with you to make a realistic estimate and inform you of the actual cost of your move.

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