What is a moving quote?

A mobile quote or mobile estimate is more complicated compared to an instant rough quote. Moving quotes require that you provide more information to the moving company and that the moving company see the items in your home that needs to be moved. When moving companies give customers a non-binding quote, it is a quote based on the weight of the customer's belongings. However, because it is “non-binding”, this estimate is not fixed and will most likely change depending on the actual weight of the play.

Moving quotes are an estimate provided by a moving company of how much it will cost to move your items. There are three types of binding, non-binding and binding mobile quotes that should not exceed. Avoid non-binding moving quotes because the moving company can change your cost at any time. An hourly moving quote is based on an estimate of how long your move will take.

They may still be requesting inventory, but it may only be approximate. If the moving company underestimates the amount of time it takes, you'll end up paying more. You need to be very accurate when describing your moving situation, from the amount of furniture to the parking distance and flights of stairs. Otherwise, you may be charged long-term transportation charges or additional charges that you weren't expecting.

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